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I’m still at sea — well, sort of. We are about to dock in San Antonio, Chile, whence we’ll be flying home after a 17-day cruise. I promise I’ll be better about sharing photos and stuff, because while on board I have finished the umpteenth edit of “My Father’s House,” the fictionalized story of my father and his family from the time he left Torsas, Sweden, until his death at the age of 86. It reads like a novel, with the interacting influences of historical events — and they were many — as they impacted the growth and character of the family. Yes, if you are interested, I am part of the story.

I’ve been told that 500 pages is a reasonable length, so I’ve been working — and working — and cutting — and cutting to reduce the original 800 or so pages. Now I’ve hit 496, including preface and postscript. So I’m being bold again to ask if there’s anyone out there who’d be willing to read it now — available via e-mail. I’d love honest feedback about its interest to people in general and suggestions for further cutting.

If you’re game, please let me know your e-mail address in the comment section here. Or if you’d rather keep your address private, please let me know via

Just to prove I’ve been traveling, I’m including the unseparated photo I just bought of my entrance to Salaverry, Peru.

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