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My sister — Thelma Gustafson Wyland — always admitted she was like a little girl when her birthday came around, loving the attention and the feeling she was special. If she were still alive she’d be celebrating her 99th. As it was, she made it to 94. So this is my way of honoring her in memory on her special day.

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Here’s the description of myself that I have posted on Goodreads

I have traversed, largely overlapping, from psychology professor to private practitioner to author. Most recently I spent the time in COVID quarantine completing two books. “My Father’s House: Remembering My Swedish American Family” is the result of years of research, writing, and editing. It’s published over my maiden name, Mona Gustafson — Swedish, you know. The cover on the book is a photo of the house, but the book contains so much more. The interaction between an American Family and the developments, crises, and victories of American history between 1910 and and 1976 — the year of my father’s death. A brief postscript lets the reader know what’s happened to the major characters up to publication time, including me, my marriage, two children, and grandchildren.

Mona Gustafson Affinito — my usual author name — is the creator and editor of “This Sucks!: I Want to Live,” by Nick Spooner, his Facebook entries from the time he was diagnosed with a brain tumor to “This Sucks!” — the last entry before his much-too-early death. Not so much a sad story as the revelation of his strength and humanity as he struggles with accepting impending death while facing the issues of daily living . My purpose in producing this short little book was to honor the person who constructed a clever, giving, and caring man out of a life of severe difficulties and challenges.

Both books are published by Calumet Wisdom Editions and available at amazon or from your local bookseller.

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