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There are those who like what the President is doing, and those who don’t. But whichever side one takes, arguing about his character or sanity is of only limited use. The problem is, such attacks on the person serve to lead us away from the issues.

Seeing behavior as the acting out of a crazy person diverts us from the behavior itself. Just one example. Wise manipulators know how to lead us into thinking something is acceptable by exposing us first to the unacceptable. So, the first executive order banning immigration led to chaos and – fortunately from my point of view – active resistance. The next one will seem calm and well considered – much “saner” by comparison — moving us in the direction of seeing the idea of the ban itself as closer to normal and acceptable.

And there you have an effective strategy. Like the fictional college letter home, the manipulator starts by exposing a series of terrible events so the request for more money – or whatever – at the end – seems like a minor issue.

Or there’s the horrible image that occurred to me halfway between sleep and waking this morning. The wielder of the knife aims for the wrist, ready to cut off the whole hand. Then changes course and cuts off the little finger instead. Now he’s not so evil as he seems – maybe even generous. Only a finger instead of the hand.

And little by little, the non-normal begins to seem normal.

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The following is a conversation I just had via Twitter with a person who reviewed “Figs & Pomegranates & Special Cheeses.”  The end result is permission to include the review here on my blog.


Mona: I’ve been reviewed on American Amazon and on British Amazon. I think this is the first time I’ve been reviewed on Indian (?) Amazon. Would it be OK with you if I posted your review on my blog where more people would see it? And am I right that it’s Indian? Thanks

Shraesta: You are right I’m an Indian. I’m honored if you post my review on your blog. Happy to have such an author. Loads and tonnes of love to you and your book.


This review is from: Figs & Pomegranates & Special Cheeses: A Love Story (Kindle Edition)

Main protagonist of the book Dara,just grabs my heart with her innocence, love,and attitude.This story captivates your hand and heart not allowing you to keep down your device.Every women must read story which plots about family,friendship,husband,children’s,in laws,society, maids who plays a vital role in one’s life.I just wanna thank the author M.G.Affinito for her style of writing and vivid descriptions.I could feel and see them in my mind’s eyes and appreciate the beauty.The banter between characters were neatly penned down. Just go grab the story and enjoy into the world of Figs&pomegranates&Special cheeses.Pure candid love story of a girl.”


Aside from being pleased with this review and permission to repeat it here, I can’t help commenting on my admiration for people of different native languages who can read and enjoy in one not their own. Would that we Americans were so able.

And feel free to check out other reviews of “Figs & Pomegranates & Special Cheeses.”

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