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As I understand it, the basic position of the Tea Party Folks is that we should all be responsible for ourselves. Yet they oppose the Individual Mandate which requires exactly that. Without it, the responsibility for the medical care of the uninsured and their children lies with the tax money provided by the rest of us. Unless, of course, the position is that the uninsured should receive no medical care.


And a reminder of the real Palestinian/Israeli situation as well. Thanks to Sojourners, one of my favorite magazines, whose title reminds me that we are all just traveling through. fighting-real-enemy-fear#.UAxTUt8t6-w.facebook


When it comes to the big things, I don’t make decisions. I’ve found that I give myself clues to my direction by watching what I do. For example, when I buy a car (every 12 years or so) I don’t decide, “Oh, it’s time to get a new car,” Well, that’s not quite true, when I traded in my Starion in 2002 it was because it needed expensive repair for the first time in its some 16 years. But when I bought the Starion I realized that I’d been looking at automobile ads with special interest for some time. “Aha!” I said to me, “there must be a reason why you’re doing this. I guess it’s time to buy a new car.”

And then there’s moving, as in leaving Connecticut for Minnesota. Oh, I had done a lot of spadework – even bought a house here and rented it under control of a leasing agent. But it was 2:00 a.m. one April morning that I said to myself, “OK. I’m moving in November or December.” I started telling my clients that I’d be leaving. That’s when I learned that things can move pretty fast with a deadline. I also told potential clients my plan, offering to give them a referral if they wanted longer-term work. Only one person asked for a referral. One potential client even said, “Good. I hate psychologists anyway.” We did get things done in a hurry. On her way out of our last session she thanked me for being the only therapist who ever helped because “You tell it like it is.” (If you know me personally and want to ask in private, I’ll tell you how that worked.)

Then there was the move out of that first Minnesota home. Partly it was my own behavior, and partly it was the snow and ice that clogged my garage door at the bottom of the steep driveway. “Wouldn’t it be fun,” I thought, “just to see what’s available around here.” Smart real estate agent. She knew better than I did what I wanted. In no time at all I had made a deposit on my current home and sold my ice collector. I love it here.

But here’s my question. What am I telling myself now? In the past three days I’ve stuffed my recycling bin with the contents of twenty business-size three-ring notebooks and purchased $32.00 worth of shredding. Gone are my teaching notes and materials for the workshops I used to do on “Forgiveness,” “A Healthy Woman is a Crazy Person,” and “Stress.” Am I subconsciously planning to move? I don’t think so. Am I accepting that I’m retired enough that I can spend my time hanging out with good books and traveling? It’s a possibility. Am I clearing a path for more devotion to writing? It could be. Is some new career creeping up on me? Maybe.

As soon as I know the answer, I’ll let you know, whether you ask for it or not.


Yes, it’s been a good day. First thing this morning I sent off my latest editing of Mrs Job’s chapter Seven. That was itself a victory after I carved out two almost-full days to finalize it. Now I’ll wait for the editor at TM Publications to get back to me with the next challenge. The process really is fun.

Then I actually finished reading a book, Dan Ariely’s “The (Honest) Truth About Dishonesty.” I loved it — wrote a review on I’ll provide a link to the review. But first let me say that toward the end he turned me on to a new forgiveness angle. It’s too late for another chapter in “When to Forgive” When to Forgive, but after I’ve mulled it I may have something to write here on my blog.

Here’s the link to Ariely’s book Review Ariely's book on honesty


A visit yesterday with Janice Mason at SEEDLINGS, a very attractive Christian Book store adjacent to the Chanhassen (Minnesota) dinner theater, resulted in two things — maybe three. First, and most important, she purchased several copies of “Mrs. Job” to meet an order from a customer; second, I bought myself a pink scarf; and third, there might be an opportunity to do a book signing or at least a talk.

I’m providing a link to her web site here. You don’t have to be Christian to enjoy the store’s lovely, expansive layout and inviting atmosphere. The pink scarf I bought has no religion. If you live in the area, I think you’d enjoy a visit.

Seedlings, Seedlings

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It was all just fun and relaxation. Traveling to Winona, MN along the Wisconsin side of the Mississippi and home the next day on the Minnesota side – calmly, eye-warmingly, comfortingly beautiful. Our goal was the Shakespeare festival. On Saturday we saw King Lear in matinee, and Two Gentlemen from Verona in the evening. The real fun was the next day, though, with “The Complete Works of William Shakespeare: Abridged.” Two hours of laughter and zaniness. What a job — being an actor – living all those lines repeatedly. I’ll admit, though, it was kind of unintentionally funny to see the afternoon’s King Lear leading a dog in the evening play. How do they do it?! And the fool – what amazing use of his body. I guess it takes an athlete to accomplish what he accomplished.

So that was the main reason for being there. But I can’t leave without telling you about the wonderful Inn we stayed in. I almost wanted to remain there instead of going to the plays. Please take a look at the link to Review Village House Inn

I did take some photos. Today as you might imagine has been catch-up busy, bot maybe I’ll get around to downloading them tomorrow to share.

Oh yes, one other thing. The campus of Winona State University is lovely, and the Jazz festival enjoyed before the plays was an added pleasure.

Does this count as putting first things first? I think so. Family always trumps everything else.

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