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My fifth wish, following from the 4th, would be recognizing the government’s obligatory provision of appropriate education beginning with professional child care freeing the parent(s) to earn appropriate incomes followed by growth facilitating education at all levels necessary for full utilization of the human potential whose creation has been required by government intervention.

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My fourth wish is nourished partly by the experience of any caring parent – including me. The truth is the idealized baby in the diaper ads develops rather quickly into a growing individual – and I do mean “individual.” One would hope that same eagerness to promote the birth of a healthy baby would follow through in the concern for the growth of a healthy person. My third holiday wish of 2022, then, is for every person born to have the chance to grow in physical, psychological. moral, and spiritual fullness. Now we’re talking sufficient incomes to maintain constant and safe homes, environments free of illness–causing-and-growth-stunting pollution, opportunities to learn and develop with the potential begun back when the sperm met the ovum. I’d like to think that’s what “pro-lifers” mean, recognizing that invoking government intervention in the beginning calls for government intervention in promoting the life that follows.

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My third wish continues to recognize the desire for the health of the baby welcomed into a world of caring love. It’s no news to anyone that human infants require an early period of intensive parental care, ideally that of both the mother and the father. Basic, then, is the continuation of the best possible support of the health system, including parental care to foster both physical and psychological growth. And, by the way, don’t forget the importance of any siblings already part of the newborn’s family. My third holiday wish of 2022, then, is for recognition that the government that so treasures life that it intervenes in the very process of insemination and birth would provide for parental availability for stress-reducing parental leave.

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My second wish comes from recognizing the Importance of the birth process itself and the earliest post-partum stages. Assuming that the health of the newly birthed person is part of the loving care so urgently desired by those who would assure their development and birth, it follows that excellent maternal and post-partum care would be provided to both the owner of the womb and, one hopes, the father who will participate in their care. That would, of course, provide for any newborn who might suffer anomalies due to genetics or the long process of making it through the complex stages of zygote to birth development. My second holiday wish of 2022, then, is that the government that chooses to demand the process would accept the responsibility to support the health of the newborn.

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It’s that time — time to reveal my holiday list to those who care. Today it’s the first in a series of five (or maybe more if I think of them) developing out of recent government entries into reproductive concerns.

My first wish is addressed to all those life-loving people who want sperm cells to have clear access in the race to enter an ovum, allowing the resulting zygote to develop into an embryo, thence into a fetus, and ultimately a birthed baby. While invoking governmental intervention to assure nothing intervenes in that process, it follows they would want similar legislation to guarantee a healthy environment in which that development will occur. My first holiday wish of 2022, then, is for similar governmental concern to guarantee the health of all, male and female, involved in the process, especially the wombs that function to deliver healthy newborns. Basic requirements would be the best of prenatal health care and, equally important, sufficient financial support to maintain a healthy living and nutritional environment for both the developing individual and their carrier-and-nutrient- provider.

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