It was all just fun and relaxation. Traveling to Winona, MN along the Wisconsin side of the Mississippi and home the next day on the Minnesota side – calmly, eye-warmingly, comfortingly beautiful. Our goal was the Shakespeare festival. On Saturday we saw King Lear in matinee, and Two Gentlemen from Verona in the evening. The real fun was the next day, though, with “The Complete Works of William Shakespeare: Abridged.” Two hours of laughter and zaniness. What a job — being an actor – living all those lines repeatedly. I’ll admit, though, it was kind of unintentionally funny to see the afternoon’s King Lear leading a dog in the evening play. How do they do it?! And the fool – what amazing use of his body. I guess it takes an athlete to accomplish what he accomplished.

So that was the main reason for being there. But I can’t leave without telling you about the wonderful Inn we stayed in. I almost wanted to remain there instead of going to the plays. Please take a look at the link to Review Village House Inn

I did take some photos. Today as you might imagine has been catch-up busy, bot maybe I’ll get around to downloading them tomorrow to share.

Oh yes, one other thing. The campus of Winona State University is lovely, and the Jazz festival enjoyed before the plays was an added pleasure.

Does this count as putting first things first? I think so. Family always trumps everything else.

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  1. i am so happy that you enjoyed a wonderful weekend. to be a part of this festival, is a wild dream for me, but i have been able to live some of it through your words……….thank you for sharing with me

  2. This sounds just wonderful. Enjoying life! big hug

  3. Wonderful break from the writing and editing. yes, it counts…so…do it again as often as you can.

  4. Hi Leelah, hugs returned – joyfully

  5. Hi Terry. Thanks for enjoying my weekend with me.

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