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The new header is Holland America’s Oosterdam. Definitely not the best photo, but I’m going to leave it for now. I’m still having trouble mastering the header thing.

Still reporting on the Australia/New Zealand trip, I want to tell you about one of our favorite things in New Zealand – the Taieri Gorge Railway. The train was waiting for us right on the dock at Dunedin, initially named New Edinburgh, later re-Christened Dunedin, the old Celtic name for New Edinburgh.

Our hosts were volunteers enthusiastic about old railway cars and routes. Seated at tables, we were served light refreshments as we traveled hills and gorges, over bridges built specifically for this revitalized train. Occasionally we paused at old station stops, greeted by people selling mostly home crafted wares.

I found it hard to imagine how they made it there in their in their vans, but I was told there were roads through the mountains. Chatting with one woman I realized what an ideal life it was for a craftsperson who liked isolation.

Doug – the real photographer – spent his time on the platform between cars, getting some fabulous shots, while I hung out inside, chatting with the folks from Rhode Island who shared our table.

I would have bought a gorgeous hand knit scarf, but the seller took only New Zealand cash, and I survived the whole time there without acquiring any local money. Credit cards and even dollars got me through.

Anyway, I’m including here a couple of my photos from the trip. Strongly recommended journey!

Taieri RR cars

Taieri RR stop

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