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The writers rule is “Show;don’t tell.” That’s what I’ll try to do here. I’m sure you will see immediately what a change there is from Singapore to Thailand. Still tropical, but otherwise … well, just take a look.

What we experienced depended, of course, on what excursion we had chosen to buy, but the impression remains that here, as in our subsequent stops, folks were anxious to show the best of what they had. Here’s a sampler, beginning with the header. Yes, coconuts actually look like little faces. It’s my understanding that the white nose is the embryo, protected by the shell.

Enroute to see the harvesting of coconuts, we stopped at a roadside fruit stand where our guide demonstrated a number of fruits that were unfamiliar to me, but some in our group recognized several.
Ko Samui Roadside Fruit stand

The first stop after that was a coconut plantation where we watched a monkey working at harvesting. They actually go to school — along with their owners — for training in efficient removal of coconuts from the tree. Removal? They literally throw them down. Here I have an owner holding the restraining rope as his monkey starts his climb to work.
Monkey climbing to work

Still in the coconut frame of mind, we visited one of the many fresh food markets we would see until we hit the big cities again.
Fresh Food Market

As we had seen in the Buddhist/Tau temple, we saw a neighborhood of Buddhists and Muslims living side by side.
Buddhist-Islam neighborhood

That’s where we saw the grandparent’s houses built by Buddhist families to honor their dead ancestors. This is a particularly classy one that has recently been supplied with gifts to the departed.
Grandparents house

And finally – the gold-leafed sitting Buddha. You may already know that shoes must be removed before entering the temple.
Seated Buddha

6 responses to “Koh Samui, Thailand

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  1. that is fascinating to see how the monkeys are trained to help. I bet this country has more ways to use a coconut than we can even imagine here

  2. Yes, Terry. I definitely had that impression. Even – in the old days – some parts as TP, but I chose not to make much of that. Interesting how people make full use of what they have when they don’t have an overabundance.

  3. Nice.What a beautiful trip.

  4. awesome photos and vivid descriptions. You come strongly forth in your descriptions. I love this one:
    It’s my understanding that the white nose is the embryo, protected by the shell.
    yep. Thats my Mona all right
    And what wonderful colorfulplaces you have been, my friend.
    much love and hugs

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