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I have permission to share the following with you.  I love the way this client finds ways to summarize her experiences. Telling me she has fertilizer in her shoes, she sent me the following e-mail rejoicing in the growth she is experiencing. I have, of course, modified it some to protect her identity.

I love that she has ceased fearing that dangerous word “power.” Too often people see power as “power over” rather than inner power experienced.

Dear Mona,

 For the first time in my life, I feel the stirrings of empowerment –a very nice feeling!   I’ve always had mixed emotions about the term empowerment. From a [very conservative] background, in which a woman is constantly taught to be submissive, to a mother who preached humility for woman and berated women with careers, to observing some women in business who lost all femininity and became very unpleasant pseudo men in the name of empowerment.

 For me, being empowered is being pleasant, not a pleaser. It means having a personal plan and the guts to stick with the plan, as well as the guts to re-evaluate and change the plan if necessary. It’s doing the right thing, but not if the cost of doing the right thing violates my personal code of ethics. It’s making amends when needed, but also standing up for myself. It’s holding on, but also knowing when to let go….

 And it’s still a work in progress…..for the rest of my life!

Thank you for listening!

I’d be so happy to hear comments from you who have had the aha experience of discovering the powerful meaning of “power.”

By the way, the header is a photo from our June trip to Santa Fe. No wonder Georgia O’Keefe loved to paint those beautiful colors.




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