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3:00 a.m. and I find myself suddenly wide awake.

I can’t believe my country is killing innocent people in drone strikes in countries with which we are not even at war.

13 years old and he was killed by a cop for playing with a realistic-looking toy gun.

Running toward the cops for help, the black athlete was shot dead. The crime? I guess RWB, i.e. running while black.

Asking for help at the front door after an accident with her car, she was shot dead by the homeowner. The crime? I guess it must have been AFHWNW. i.e., asking for help while not white.

This doesn’t feel like the land of the free I believed in as a child. And now folks would prefer to provoke war with Iran rather than press for diplomacy.

Nope: I’ve got to stop these thoughts. Get myself a cup of warm almond milk and a handful of raw cashews. Go back to bed. Read articles in Psychotherapy Today – ways to be helpful in healing myself and others.

Get sleepy. Go back to sleep.

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  1. chilling stories.More and more paranoid, more and more seeing “other” and enemies –
    I felt relieved when you described how you found a way to comfort and calm yourself – it also reminded me of how often I have such paranoid thoughts – and how effective it is for me in my practice to just know that such thoughts belong to a fear-thought system, and are not True

  2. Those thoughts at 3am are certainly not conducive to sleep. It is scary how things are happening in the world. I tend to put my blinkers on and try not to focus on them too much because I often cry when I watch the news. I actually blogged about this once (Horror Movies).
    I hope you got back to sleep. 🙂

  3. that is terrible!

  4. Have to try that warm almond milk. recipe?

    • What a delightful question — like trading recipes over a cup of afternoon coffee. But I’m sad to say it’s not an exciting recipe. It just comes from the grocery shelf in the U.S. — Blue Diamond Almond Breeze, vanilla flavored. I buy the unsweetened. Actually, it comes in two varieties. One in the refrigerator section – the other right off the shelf in the soy milk section. The advantage of the latter is that it lasts forever without refrigeration. (Well, almost.) But, here’s the recipe part – it’s best if you stir in some cinnamon after it’s warmed.

      So, please join me. You don’t have to wait for a 3:00 a.m. awakening.


  5. I try not to think about it but it creeps in at unexpected times.

  6. It’s probably not good to put my head in the sand, but I often don’t listen to the news. I find that I sleep better at night.

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