CRAZY BUSY WEEK (OR TWO)   8 comments

Apologies to all my blogger friends. I’ll not be responding much for the next two weeks — rehearsals scheduled every night until opening night on Friday. Then performances — and more rehearsals next week. (I guess my performance should be pretty acceptable by the last show on March 2.)

Apologies as well to Facebook Friends, friends of 60 years (more or less), family, and anyone else to whom I should be responding. Life should get back to its usual normal in March. Maybe even the weather will have settled down. Wouldn’t that be nice?

I’m including again a copy of the brochure.

brochure SOM.


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8 responses to “CRAZY BUSY WEEK (OR TWO)

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  1. You and rest of nuns did a wonderful job on Saturday. Look forward to the show next Sunday. Take good care. Love, Dottie

  2. we want photos of you in the role!:)

  3. You go girl!
  4. Hi, Mona, We are coming this weekend and can hardly wait! You “nuns” were so fabulous at church last weekend!

  5. It sounds like so much fun to be in the play. I’m looking forward to hearing all about it after it is over.

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