Hooray! Last night’s performance went very well, with laughs, some tears, and applause where one would hope for it. Today’s matinee performance is sold out (400 seats).  But there is next weekend.

I just hope I don’t stumble in the dark like I did last night. Here’s the deal. It’s dark when the nun’s quartet gets in place for their scene. Sister Margaretta starts out facing the “altar” in prayer. Well, proving what I’ve known since I was a kid who couldn’t learn to skate, I am clumsy. Yup! I stumbled on the edge of the platform holding the altar. To prevent my fall, I grabbed the altar, knocking down the bible placed there. Fortunately I didn’t knock over the whole thing, and I didn’t fall down. Anyway, I picked up the Bible, kissed it, and placed it back on the altar. In truth, no one would know I had done it if I didn’t tell them.

Today it’s Matinee at 3:00 p.m. and a cast party afterward. Cast parties usually happen after striking the set after the last performance, but the director and others decided to have the party today in light of the fact that so many of our players are young and need their sleep on school nights.

And what a sensation those young players are! Wish you could see them



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  1. So anxious to see the play this afternoon. Sounds wonderful!

  2. trust that you will be guided, Mona:) I do

  3. I am impressed – with the effort put into preparation, the number of attended performances, the sharing of the satisfaction with old and young. The whole thing. Hope all continues to be satisfying and I strongly recommend that you stay on your feet, no matter what you have to hold onto. Continued success and satisfaction.

  4. I told you NOT to break a leg lol

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