It began at Thanksgiving time with starting to memorize the Latin words for the many lovely chants and songs offered by the nun’s chorus. The music for the nun’s quartet was easier — in English.

It went on with weeks filled with rehearsals, of which there were even a couple of cancellations because the weather was so bad — even for Minnesota! Mostly, though, the show had to go on no matter how bad the storm and the cold.

It was over with the final performance on Sunday, March 2, 2014.

So here for you to see — some photos of the people involved.

First, the nun’s chorus, against the backdrop of the elegant set.

alternate header

And the children’s chorus. I’ve been told they hated to see it end, having become a very close “family.”

Von Trapp children

And Edelweiss. Many year’s ago when my son in Junior High performed the role of the Captain, my father “cried three handkerchiefs worth.” I understand people in this audience teared up too. The song is so touching for people who have left their homelands behind, and even for those who haven’t.

EdelweissSister Berthe, Mother Abbess, and Sister Margaretta

Srs. Berta & Margaretta, Mother Abbess.Version 2

The Nun’s Quartet in action, discussing Maria’s suitability for the Abbey.


Sister Margaretta and Sister Berthe, with a little slice of Mother Abbess on the side

Sister Margaretta & Sister Bertha

And then the finale in rehearsal

Nun's Chofus, finale



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  1. yayy!! There’s my MO!!!!! you are beaming, dearest Mona, i would so have loved to be there ♥

  2. that was amazing seeing those photos of the musical ! you look wonderful mona
  3. It was wonderful, Mona! Those of us in the audience could tell you were having fun! I’ll bet you’re so proud of Doug too, and the way he brought his vision for this show to life.

  4. A very impressive and probably emotion filled presentation. But you still haven’t mentioned how it was for you.

  5. Beautiful Mona. Your smile lights your whole face. 🙂

  6. Hi Mona,    Glad you had just a wonderful experience performing in “The Sound of Music..”  You and your son are very talented!  It is one of my favorite musicals, and like your dad, I always cry!!!                                                                        Joy                                                                       

  7. It’s fun to see the pictures of the play. I’ve enjoyed reading about it over the past few months as you rehearsed for the play and then performed in it.

  8. See these pictures brings back memories of that great performance…..

  9. 🙂 you look great, sis’ Mona! congrats! nice and pleasant souvenirs… 🙂

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