I’m excited to say that I’ve found the ideal person to do the cover for “Figs & Pomegranates & Special Cheeses,” the reedited version of “Mrs. Job.” It will portray Dara’s move from Nomad to Royalty — emphasizing the love story aspect and using the colors of her family’s expertise in weaving as a kind of frame.

There’s one thing I like, but I need feedback about. She has introduced a little Astarte in the lower corner, reflecting the conflict in the story as Job demands that Dara give up her devotion to Astarte in favor of his God. I’m concerned that some potential Christian readers might find it offensive.

I’d appreciate opinions. And I’ll be able to make this more specific as the design progresses.

For the header today I’ve chosen a piece of a photograph of the area of Petra (Edoms’ locale) taken by friends Babs and Camille. The whole thing is, of course, much more attractive, but I have to fit the scale allowed for a header.



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  1. Since Astarte was one of the names of the chief female goddess of the Greek people, I think it’s appropriate it be included. Do you suppose that many people really know about the goddess? Do you suppose they would be “put off” by seeing the figure. Why don’t you include a picture of her so we can make a more educated decision?

  2. Since I don’t know much Greek mythology, I probably wouldn’t realize what she represents when I saw her on the book cover until after I started reading the book.

  3. I would love if you included whatever made your heart hum happily, and did not care a fig about potential readers would think or feel. – Please share a sketch of the cover. Mona! love, Leelah

    • Truth is, though, that the Christian audience is one of the targeted groups when it comes to sales. But I’ve got lots of time to appreciate the responses of people like you who care. As for the sketch, I don’t really have one to share yet. What I have seen is small pencil drawings of the concept, modified as we talked over lunch. I’ll definitely share when something is available. I will, though, check first with the artist to see if it’s OK to put it out publicly on my blog.

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