Imagine a world where we really care! That was the theme of my last blog as I longed for intense concern and effort to keep our world healthy. The kind of enthusiastic dedication we had during WWII when we fought against potential disaster of a different kind.

Well, here’s one opportunity we can each afford, a step in the deliciously right direction.

Even if you are a denier, I’ll bet you can join in the desire to feed everyone with healthy options



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  1. Ah. LOVELY isnt it

  2. Imagine a world where people care, an almost impossible task in today’s world, a world where it is about the self. At my age I can see so many changes from my youth until now. I don’t like all of them. Some are worthy, but the hearts of many are broken glass

  3. I just finished reading Figs & Pomegranates & Special Cheeses, and wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed it. I particularly liked how you skillfully told the riveting story of how Dara evolved and grew over the years. The story is wonderfully grounded by Dara’s love for Job, and her bold words and actions. I enjoyed seeing how you handled the tensions that emerged as Dara sought to understand her role and her husband’s God.

    • Oh my, Sheryl, thank you! Thank you! You made my day, or rather my night, ’cause I read this just before climbing into bed last evening. You helped contribute to my good night’s sleep, and that’s a very good thing.

      Would you be willing to post this as a review on It’s the kind of thing that would help potential readers (as well as my marketing efforts.)

      By the way, in which format did you read it? paperback or Kindle?

      • You’re welcome. I enjoyed the book. I read the paperback version. I’d be happy to do a review–but had problems with the Amazon site. I sent you an email.

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