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About the Medicare advice. This is what I learned based on my recent experience. If you have already had the one physical allowed when you first joined Medicare at 65, don’t ever again use the word “physical” when making an appointment with your doctor because Medicare won’t cover it. You are entitled to the hands off “annual wellness visit” which will give the opportunity for renewal of prescriptions and orders for tests to be done, e.g., mammograms, bone density, etc. Check out your manual for details.

If your secondary insurance, like mine, piggy backs on Medicare, it won’t cover a “physical” either. If you have secondary insurance that will cover it, then you’re all set, I guess.

Check out “Annual Wellness Visit” in your Medicare Manual just to double-check what I’m saying here.

Visits to the doctor for specific illness or symptoms are, as I understand it, covered.


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  1. Thanks for that handy advice.

  2. A number of companies offer an annual home visit from an APRN or MD to do a simple screening along with referral for available preventive procedures.

  3. Good grief–the rules and requirements all seem so complicated.

    • They seem complicated because they are. In talking to my clinic about this, they sound so frustrated with trying to keep up with publicizing the latest requirements. Just think, they are dealing with so many insurance providers, not just Medicare. What a mess for them! What a mess for us!

  4. Thanks for the info on Medicare. That’s important.

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