WELCOME WINTER   7 comments

I’ve just uploaded a new header, removing the Alaska iceberg that’s been there for a while. This will also be the header on my web site once we get it up and running. I hope you’ll enjoy the header more than I am enjoying the Minnesota cold.

Appreciation goes to Janson graphics for this cheery view of the season.

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7 responses to “WELCOME WINTER

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  1. That is very pretty and I dislike cold very much

  2. Me too! Hating the cold, I mean … And I used to think I liked it.

  3. I live in North Eastern Pennsylvania. It’s pretty cold here! Two layers of socks weather! LOL

  4. I guess the cold is attacking us everywhere. I understand that Florida doesn’t even offer good escape any more. I guess we’ll just have to focus on the redbird of winter joy …

  5. early winter in the US… I watch the US-news every day and wish you: good luck! take care and stay warm! 🙂 P.S. we don’t have hard or long winters in our region, the South-West of France, even though the French-Spanish Pyrénées are just 2h-drive from Toulouse…

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