Last week I finished teaching a four-session course on forgiveness. When I do those courses/workshops I begin by telling folks I’m giving them free stuff that will save the money they might otherwise spend paying people like me. In other words, I offer the secrets of good therapy, the first of which is “The only person you can control is yourself.”

Often it seems that serendipity enriches my experience. This is one of those cases. Lately I’ve been reading 10% Happier: How I Tamed the Voice in my Head, Reduced Stress Without Losing my Edge, and Found Self-Help that Actually Works – A true Story (Kindle Edition). I will write a review on when I finish it – not that it will make much of a splash added to the 1313 reviews already posted. (Wow! Wouldn’t Dara love that!)

So, what did I gain? The perfect way of saying it – something he quotes on Kindle p. 210: “There’s no point in being unhappy about things you can’t change and no point in being unhappy about things you can.” I love it!

On another note, I also loved “Humility prevents humiliation” (p. 208).

What am I loving about the book? – So downright practical once one “gets” the meaning and practice of meditation, as he does. (Not that I think I’m particularly good at it.)



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  1. Hey Mona, you ARE a busy woman! I didn’t know you were a teacher too! I admire your gumption. I have the book FORGIVENESS, THE GREATEST HEALER OF ALL by Gerald G. Jampolsky, M.D. which I tried to get my cousin to read since her husband is an alcoholic, but she refuses to read it through, she wasn’t ready to forgive.

    I used to meditate quite often Mona. IN fact to recover from anxiety I did yogic breathing. Zero in on your body functions and feelings and hone in on your breathing.

    Breath slowly in as you count to 4 heartbeats, Now hold your breath for 7 heartbeats. Then breathe out slowly to 8 heartbeats. This is the best way for me to blow the anxiety (fear) out and breath in the good. You can imagine the expelled air is a gray cloud and the fresh air you breath in is pure white light.

    My aunt Grace taught me to breathe in slowly as I say “Smell the roses” and to hold my breath for a short time and then slowly breathe out while saying “Blow out the candle.” It’s more or less an old doctor’s advice from 60 years ago.

    If you have any open mindedness about chakras and clearing these energy centers in your body I suggest you buy the Doreen Virtue CHAKRA CLEARING Book which inclueds a CD to listen to as you do her chakra clearing exercises.

  2. Thanks for this great response and suggestions, Lorraine.

    For your cousin, you might suggest my “Forgiving One Page at a Time,” the shortened, diary-like version of “When to Forgive.” People have found it helpful, especially because it gives folks the choice of whether or not to forgive after going through the process. At the very least, people who have used it felt better after working through it.

    I so appreciate the kind attention you pay me.

  3. Mona, I wish you well. I hope that you’ve continued to write, “My Father’s House.” I look forward to further dialogue.

  4. Excellent quotes. And I’m glad you got to teach the course. What a privilege and responsibility. =) I’m sure they loved you, M.

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