I hope you’ve taken a look at the great responses right here on my blog. In case you’re curious, I’ve posted my opinion on

Maybe you have some personal stories to add. They’d be great here, or on my web site. Please share.

Also, on my Facebook page I’ve asked what you think is important for me to include in my fifteen-minute opportunity on March 24. What would you most like folks to know about the healing power of forgiveness. Or maybe the pitfalls one may fall into in the process.


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  1. They sound like wonderful books Mona!

  2. @”healing power of forgiveness.” – I guess some of us can forgive, but rarely forget… it depends upon the “degree”, “severity” and “seriousness” of each situation or doings that often “mark” us for life…
    * * *
    last month, we stopped-over in Minneapolis(St-Paul) airport twice, for about 2h – we flew to Hawaii and came back 2 weeks later… it was quite sunny, but the outdoor temperature was negative, of course… well, I thought of “the long cold winter” – antonym of “the long hot summer”(William Faulkner)… 🙂

    stay healthy and positive, have a mild season, as springtime is supposed “to land” on March 21st… 🙂 respectful regards, Mélanie

  3. As for the winter, we were so spared here in the twin cities. In fact, I got to do quite a bit of shoveling because the snow removal contract for our units specifics at least two inches. I think we’ve had that much only once. Fortunately my driveway is short and I enjoy shoveling, though I have to do it in segments because my hands get so cold so quickly.

    As for forgiveness, thanks for responding. As for “forgetting,” I don’t think it’s even necessarily “good” to forget, and certainly not a requirement, or even a possibility. “Forgive and Forget” is one of those “sayings” that gets in the way of real forgiveness, so I’m happy to hear you say it.

    And yes indeed, I’ll be very happy to see Spring.

    Thanks for responding.

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