It’s been a long time since I told you about my granddaughter’s Australia difficulties. Today I’ve finally reached the point where I can report to you that all’s quiet on the Aussie front. It took understanding, forgiveness, and problem solving on the part of all three victims, but now peace, quiet, and good will prevail.

First was converting the anger over the situation into working together to share the pain and reduce the extent of it. All three sides made sacrifices. The landlord managed to find someone else to take on the balance of the lease; the young women sacrificed their initial bond; and each party accepted some loss.

Most of all, they gave up anger toward the cheater who caused the chaos as they focused on problem solving instead.

Now my granddaughter is looking to raise enough money to return to Australia for the balance of her work visa.

As for why I’ve been so slow in telling you this, I’ll let you in on the reason sometime in the next few days.


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  1. Thank YOU, Mona. I was wondering, but actually thought we would hear no more. Thank you again for catching us up!

  2. Mona, Thanks for the update. Glad to hear. Hope the Tuesday Dialogue went well last night at Shepherd of the Hill. I’ll hold the secret so you can spring it.

  3. So happy for this outcome 🙂

  4. How wonderful to see the work and willingness needed for it all to work out – it seems that all had to give up their original positions and truly working on meeting each others without baddies and goodies –
    truly truly wonderdful to read – thanks for sharing, dear Mona, and BIG HUGS

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