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Cubicles by Sara Hanlon at the Sower Gallery   13 comments

When I read the backstory to this work by Sara Hanlon, I knew why it reached out to me


Cubicles by Sara Hanlon

Back Story: “Cubicles”     Sara Hanlon

Like several other artworks described in my book, Sara Hanlon, Art and Attitude from the Queen of Garbage, “Cubicles” reflects on the tendency the great many of us have to “fit in” rather than “stand out”, and to make a living rather than “make a statement”. It also has to do with the isolation that follows from the use of technology in our workplace and in our lives.

The biggest problem is how we are losing our interpersonal contact. 
Much is accomplished via our computer terminals. Face to face, touching, 
tone of voice, even what a person looks like….it’s all lost to our own 
isolation in our rooms (or cubicles) containing our computers.

I believe that many of us are in danger of compartmentalizing (think cubicles in corporations), and isolation from other humans (think how technology reduces real life human interactions involving sight, sound and touch). Our global economy demands ever greater levels of productivity, and many of us are separated from each other and from our inner selves, as well.

If you live nearby you can enjoy a visit the Sower Gallery at:

Shepherd of the Hill Church

Corner of Engler and Highway 41 Chaska,

Minnesota Open Monday – Thursday 9:00 AM to Noon

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