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Happy to say I’m back to my traveling self and enjoying every minute.

First, thanks to all of you who left me such kind messages when I wasn’t doing so well. They all really helped.

Now I’m too busy having fun to write in much detail, but a quick run-through. 4/28/16 in Naples, not feeling so great, but still enjoyed the eight-hour drive along the Amalfi Coast. Silently, but still as loud as silence requires, I repeatedly sent out the message that Carol was sending enthusiastic greetings to her relatives in the area. I hope they caught the vibes.

Other standouts: the catacombs in Palermo on the 29th. Fascinating. And on the 30th the Phoenician/Roman ruins of Nora.

Then, whew!, a breather at sea on May 1 – a recuperation, get sort of settled-in day. I love days at sea, but still no time for gambling.

May 2 found us “strolling” on the upper rock – Gibralter. Other’s call it a “stroll.’ For me it’s hurry up to catch up with the crowd, but I didn’t get left behind, and I did enjoy the experience. And walking is so good for my back.

Then Oh My! What a beautiful city is Seville. I mean, really as stunning as advertised. Major beginnings of my musings about the way one culture gets built upon the fading, conquering, and/or destruction of the one before it. Such beautiful Moorish buildings which the conquering Christians re-utilized as their own. Starting with the Romans (or earlier), one can only be aware that each culture thinks it is the never-ending height of culture. The “living end,” until they learn they are not the ultimate. Can’t help but think of our own assumptions about the permanence of our current culture.

Than came the amazing visit to the Picasso museum in Malaga with a super knowledgeable guide. I even came away with an understanding and appreciation of Picasso – working right up to the last day of his life, with still so much left to do. How very short is our individual span.

May 5 made even more concrete the awareness of cultures building on cultures with the beautiful – and fairly recent –excavation of the Roman theater. So many lives; so many cultures; so much confidence in one’s own importance, built one level atop another. What’s next?

Yesterday and today we’ve been in Barcelona, with a city tour yesterday highlighting the fascinating and unusual architecture of the city’s hero, Gaudi, like structures I’ve never seen. Unfortunately, I wasn’t pushing the button hard enough on my camera, so I didn’t get lots of photos I thought I had. Doug has promised to gift me with a couple of his, though.

And today was a visit to the Black Madonna at Monserrat. Spectacular views at the top. Amazing bus drivers in whom we put our trust. ( I remember reading “The Black Madonna.” I can’t remember if Monserrat was one of the sites the author visited in her pilgrimage.)

And tomorrow, a day at sea. One of my favorite things, but a frustration for Doug who likes to be on the go.

Celebratory things are coming up as the maiden voyage of our ship the Koningsdam is recognized, with Christening activities toward the end. I’ll try to get better about reporting.

Once again, thanks for all the nice messages you sent. And believe me, it does feel good to be back to my self.



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  1. Glad to see you’re back to enjoying yourself on this wonderful trip. You might look at Dennis Aubrey’s postings on Black Madonnas on Via Lucis Photography of Religious Architecture blog. His photos and commentaries would be of interest.

  2. Sounds like a fantastic trip…and I am so very happy you are able to enjoy it!!!! Nothing can keep Mona Gustafson Affinito down for long 😀

  3. Oh yes you are cruising and sounds wonderful. Yes, you are back doing what you enjoy. Good for you and thank you for sharing with all of us at home.

  4. You are SO fortunate! I absolutely lt love Italy. I’ve never been to those other places, but would love to some day. Sorry you were not well part of your journey, but happy to hear you’re all over that. Doug must have some outstanding photos. Hope to see them some time.

  5. Your trip sounds awesome. It’s wonderful to hear that you are feeling better and traveling again.

  6. Welcome, old self! Good to be with you again.

    Love and more BonVoyages to come……



    Elizabeth Conant
  7. Happy to hear that you are feeling better and able to immerse yourself in this opportunity. I have no idea what your nutritionist would recommend as an alternative to antibiotics to kill the bacteria making you feel so horrible. I do know that bacteria are very strong and determined beings. They were here long before humans and will be here long after we are gone. Many do a great deal of good, but those that cause illness are very determined to survive and master this onslaught of improperly prescribed and used drugs that we are sending after them. Clever lot.
    I trust you are sleeping well at sea.

  8. Good for you. Glad your back up to par. Hopefully I’ll be publishing a book of my poetry that I wrote when I lost 5 family members in a year and a half; incl. my parents 4 months apart. When I get them, you get the first copy.


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