Time out from working on “My Father’s House” to post this link. KJ will be crossing the pond soon for more study. I hope you’ll find it interesting in general, but especially go on down the alphabet until you get to “Neun.” That’s where you’ll find her.

Please wish her well. And yes, she will have her computer and her editing skills with her.


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  1. That’s some radiance, Mona:) and she is a neun – 9

    • How sweet and clever. Verging on a 10. Confusing as it is, the Neun family pronounces it as in “noon.” My daughter Lisa (KJ’s mother) has given up trying to get people to get the spelling straight. She’ll go by anything. I have a friend whose last name is Freud and they pronounce it Frood. Maybe it’s what happens when things get Anglicized. I also think maybe Neun was originally Nun with an umlaut.

      Anyway, I loved and giggled at your comment.

  2. I’m happy to hear you are writing again Mona!

  3. Good for her!

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