Iraq is grateful   9 comments

Latest news: President Trump has issued a new executive order limiting entry into the U.S. from six Muslim-majority countries. This time Iraq wasn’t included, and those with Visas and Green Cards are protected.

Clearly this is a relief after the broad sweep of the first order. So Iraq is grateful, as are the others with legitimate entry documents.

Is this an example of the little finger principle?

9 responses to “Iraq is grateful

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  1. What’s the little finger principle?

  2. OOH! Thanks for asking. I apologize for making assumptions. It comes from my previous blog entry called, “Maybe he’s crazy, maybe he’s not.” It ended with the following:

    … “And there you have an effective strategy. Like the fictional college letter home, the manipulator starts by exposing a series of terrible events so the request for more money – or whatever – at the end – seems like a minor issue.

    Or there’s the horrible image that occurred to me halfway between sleep and waking this morning. The wielder of the knife aims for the wrist, ready to cut off the whole hand. Then changes course and cuts off the little finger instead. Now he’s not so evil as he seems – maybe even generous. Only a finger instead of the hand.

    And little by little, the non-normal begins to seem normal.”

  3. I think that whatever that man does, comes from his own failing connection to truth – and that all speculations are doomed to fail, since he seems so unpredictable

  4. When any action by our government, most particularly the President, focuses on exclusion of any race, religion, sexual identification, country of origin, etc. the wrist – the finger – the message of contempt is still clear. The apparent “permission” the presence of this man and his agenda have given seems to have welcomed prejudice out from under the rug. That, in itself, is contemptible.

    Nancy Gustafson
  5. Iraq “grateful”?!… for having been invaded and occupied ILLEGALLY by the US-troops and the “shame coalition” in March 2003, during the “wbush era”… 😦 after tons of lies(“alternative facts”!) and manipulations of the evil trio: cheney-rumsfeld-rove => they do NOT deserve capital letters!!! they opened “Pandora’s box” in Iraq, and the Middle East countries and all the planet still bear the terrible consequences… 😦
    * * *
    America the Beautiful which has always been a “melting pot” is no more, and since last January, hope has also gone away… unfortunately!!!

    • Yes. It behooves all of us to be alert to the truth! And to be aware of the deceptive propaganda strategies of the destroyers. Hence, beware of the little finger technique. And we used to wonder how the Germans’ under Hitler could fall for the propaganda!

      Thanks for the reaction and for embedding the current chaos in the awful history of the past.. The more of us, the better.

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