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I’M THE “ONLY” AGAIN   26 comments

My brother was born 11 years before me; my sister 8 years before me. I was the baby. (And believe me, I often did let my resentment be known. Who wants to be “the baby?”)

Then they grew up and went off to college — even eventually getting married. And I became the “only.” Not a bad place to be, the youngest and the only. Just ask an Adlerian.

Now I’m the “only” again. My brother, Carl Harvey Gustafson, ended his life journey in 1998. And yesterday, after a long hard struggle between the forces of staying and those of leaving, my sister, Thelma Gustafson Wyland, ¬†crossed the border into whatever there is beyond this life. She did fight it. For four weeks she could take no food or water and still persisted. Thanks be to God, her struggle is over.

Please don’t cry for her or for me. We are both in a good place.


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