I know. I’ve been off my blog for a long time now. Too many other things take priority. But I’ve just got to get this off my chest.

Our current U.S. administration is knowingly establishing a policy that’s guaranteed to cause mental health problems of the basically untreatable kind. It’s a policy no less damaging than would be deliberately exposing folks to e-coli, or similar toxins.

The latest declared intention – even action – to separate children from their parents as they arrive at our borders fails to recognize how essential constant relationships are to healthy development. Deliberate separation is a policy designed to cause adjustment disorder, including, among other things, poor social conscience – might I say sociopathy? At least interference with intellectual ability.

Possibly one can provide healthy nutrition, warmth, and even kindness, though even that deserves questioning. But it’s no substitute for the constant parental/child connection. And it’s no alleviation for the grief being imposed on both parents and children.

And then there are the reports of “lost track of” children. Where are they? How are they being protected from predators?

This separation policy is not just mean and cruel. It’s not just tragic in the intentional destruction of a human soul. It’s going to be very expensive for someone down the road.

Where are the protests against using children to fight the war?


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  1. This sounds to me like utter evil, such an idea can only come from a terrified mind wanting control over all

  2. Spot on, Mona. Indeed, the Administration is using children to fight a war that’s created from loose marbles. The Secretary of Homeland Security may have some of these same sentiments. One can hope. If she resigns after having been assailed in cabinet meeting, we’ll know there was an ally deep in the trenches of Trump’s war with himself.

  3. Thanks, Gordon. So many things, so awful. But I feel such professional urgency about this one.

  4. The immediate image that came to my mind upon hearing this was that of a child being broken in two by large arms (blood, guts and all). It reappears frequently as this matter is discussed. The idea itself is so cruel as to be unconscionable. The action on this idea has absolutely no place in the plans of any nation – ever.

    Nancy J Gustafson
  5. so sad


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