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If I were being unjustly accused of wrongdoing, I’d want an instant and thorough investigation to clear my name as soon as possible so I could get on with the important things I need and plan to do. Why would I do everything possible to delay it?

Posted November 9, 2018 by Mona Gustafson Affinito in Uncategorized

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6 responses to “Something I don’t understand

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  1. You wouldn’t, that’s because you’re honest, Mona.  Trump is anything but honest and it was truly a sad, disgusting day when Trump won the election!!Dar

  2. The key word, the operative word, the qualifier is “unjustly” accused. When one is justly accused, one does everything in one’s power to hide the wrongdoing — smoke screens, attacks on others’ integrity and motivations, lies to cover the truth and impartial investigation would expose. Thanks for keeping the question before us, Mona. I think it helps when the question is put as a matter of principle and psychological exploration. The question refers to no one in particular. If the answers to the question fit the man in the White House like a shoe, so be it.

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