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Outtake — Teddy   2 comments

If Jennie thought Mona was taking on a lot, she hadn’t anticipated the reason for their next visit to 330 Hill Street. This time it was an urgent invitation to meet Teddy, the new Sheltie.

It wasn’t easy talking Lou into it. He grieved his family’s dog too much when he died after fourteen years and couldn’t stand the thought of loving and losing another one.

“But you should have seen what Mom did,” Doug broke in.

“Well, I studied it and decided the ideal dog for us would be a Sheltie. Then I found a place where they had a litter kept in a playpen in the house, treated like a member of the family – pedigreed and all.”

“So Mom talked Daddy into going to see them,” Lisa explained

“And,” continued Doug, “the people picked up the puppy they said was the best of the litter and gave him to Mom.”

“She let us hold him,” Lisa added, “and then all of a sudden Mom turned around and plopped him in Daddy’s arms so he had to hold him or drop him.”

“He was hooked,” Mona grinned. “So now we have our Teddy.”

“Yes, Mother, he is work, but he’s so good. I feed him, and then take him out in the back yard and run around with him until he does his duty. He was housebroken from the time we brought him home.”


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