YOU ARE MY SUNSHINE   6 comments

When I was eleven years old or so my best friend Hallie and I must have driven my mother crazy at Bay View Beach in Milford Connecticut repeatedly harmonizing to “You are my Sunshine.”

What goes around comes around. Here we are, Rhoda Blake and I keeping six feet of distance on a borrowed balcony at the Waters of Excelsior — harmonizing to “You are my Sunshine.” (Mona on the right)

Definitely not stir crazy — yet.

I’m loving this sequestered opportunity to do what I want to do when I want to do it without external demands. I have to be patient with some things, though. I’m waiting, for example, to hear some word from the editor working on “My Father’s House,” and I need a little more input before I can escort the Nick Spooner book out the door.

But there’s the opportunity to join my across-the-hall neighbors for cocktail (wine) hour from our doorways eight feet apart. And fun surprises like the visit today from a tall and walking pink balloon rabbit delivering a cup of creamy ice cream.

Then, too, I’ve been mastering the art of hosting Zoom meetings so my writers group can get back together.

My life is good. I wish that were true for everyone.

6 responses to “YOU ARE MY SUNSHINE

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  1. Keep on writing, I’m loving it and it’s helping me so much to make it through this very challenging and strange time we are in.

  2. Awesome! I am so happy for you

  3. I had to read this post because ‘You Are My Sunshine’ is a very special song for me as well. How wonderful that you are still harmonizing together with your long time friend! How truly wonderful for two to be in such ‘harmony’.

    • I’m glad it touched you. The truth is, I can no longer sing it with Hallie. She has been gone some twenty years (Can it be that long?) A lifetime smoker and asthma victim, her lungs couldn’t sustain life any longer. Rhoda Blake and I do a pretty good job of it. Not now, though, we are protectively sheltering in place in our respective apartments.

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