At 3:00 a.m. today my sister-in-law Velia Fusco (my former husband’s sister) died at the age of 93, a victim of COVID-19. Blessedly she was not aware of the ventilator, or its removal.  Never through all the years would we have imagined such a lonely end. But then, do we ever really imagine the end?

Today my son and I applied the funds from our cancelled May 2020 cruise to a Viking Mississippi River trip in October, 2022. The last day on board will be a celebration of my 93d birthday.

This afternoon a staff member called with a telephone inquiry into the state of my health. It will be a daily event for every resident from now on.

Today I heard that the editor of “My Father’s House” will be communicating details to me on Monday, April 6. I’m so anxious to be involved again.

The editor helping me with Nick’s book will be studying potential titles in preparation for giving me his opinion. Once we have the manuscript in decent order I’ll be using this blog to solicit people who’ll be willing to read the 70 or so pages and maybe write reviews.

Today I received notice that my grandson is now following my blog. Welcome, Erik.

In our private happy hour, my across-the-corridor neighbors and I sat in our doorways eight feet apart and enjoyed champagne that was originally intended for an anniversary celebration.

We agreed that our bodies – zinging – reveal more stress than our brains acknowledge.

And there is such gratitude that the geography of our locations allow us this human interaction.

A day in the life …

Stay safe and well



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  1. Mona, my condolences on the death of your sister-in-law. May you be wrapped in love and good memories as you reflect on her life.

  2. Mona,

    My thoughts are with you this evening and the times we spent together in Whitney Avenue with a friendly tea kettle and mugs waiting for me when I came to my appointments.

    You did good!


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  3. This is such a sad time for families who are unable to say good-bye to those they love. My condolences on Velia’s passing, dear Mona. Thanks for keeping us posted on how you are faring! Glad you are safe. Love you, Wendy

  4. May we all have our loved ones with us when we pass. My condolences for your loss, Mona!

    • That’s what makes me sad, Leelah. The loneliness. I’m glad only that she was so sedated she wasn’t aware. And apparently the family (in Connecticut) had a chance to talk to her before she was put on the ventilator. Velia was not young, but she was healthy There’s no guarantee …

  5. So sorry for your loss Mona! Nothing can be worse than not being with loved ones when they need us the most. Hope we can visit you again in better times!

    kathleen Butler
    • Thanks, Kathy. My sadness is especially for her older sister Alma. The two of them were so close, but Alma wasn’t in Connecticut at the time she died. Velia wasn’t young, but she was healthy. It all happened so fast apparently.

      Oh yes, let’s do look forward to the time when we can be together again.

  6. Very sorry for your loss! May The Lord bless and comfort you and your family!

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