Short and quick, but I need this breath of fresh air in the midst of the horror — not COVID-19, but those who want to pretend it doesn’t exist and, magically, return to the way things were, ignoring the real danger not only to themselves but even more important to others..

I need the sweet scent of fresh-air-dried sheets and shirts. So here it is.


Carl put up a pulley line running from the edge of the back porch to a pole at the end of the yard. In good weather, Jennie ran the washing machine, put the clean clothes through the wringer, and hung them with wooden clothespins on the line in order from large to small. When they were dry enough she pulled down her ironing board and pressed everything except the towels and washcloths, breathing in the sweet fresh scent.


5 responses to “OUTTAKES — THE PULLEY LINE

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  1. Yes. Fresh breath indeed. it made me so full of JOY to read this short piece of – peace

  2. Reminds me of days gone by when I hung all of the laundry outside on a clothesline, with wooden clothespins. I loved the crisp sheets and the fresh air scent that lingered on the laundry (which included my baby’s cloth diapers).

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