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If anyone had told me a year ago that I’d be taking part in a Zoom wake I would have thought they were into science fiction. But that’s exactly what I did the day before yesterday. And it was beautiful. For a half hour the group gathered on Zoom before watching the Mass being said (in a lovely little empty church) for Velia. After that we spent an hour and a half doing what people do at wakes. Catching up with people we hadn’t seen for a long time, sharing stories, and looking at photos of Velia. The Zoom host even delivered what amounted to a lovely eulogy. After the Zoom meeting, my daughter and son and I agreed in separate phone calls that the event had provided a beautiful and meaningful closure. It was almost like the after-wake chats that usually take place in the parking lot before the group breaks up.

So you can share with us, I’ve included a couple of photos of Velia.

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