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Recently in a Zoom poetry class at the Waters of Excelsior the instructor, Sheila Augustine. asked us to create a work using the technique called model poetry. Basically it’s a series of questions. The class suggested I should submit mine to the Star Tribune but I discovered their word count limit is 250. The following comes in at a count of 279. So, instead of the Star Tribune I decided to publish it here. Enjoy, I hope!


Should everyone give everyone the things they want themselves?

Would everyone be thrilled, as I was, to be given a nice scotch tape holder when the other            women received perfume?

Would everyone be thoroughly happy as I was to receive a packet of TuLpens for mother’s day?

Should everyone be happy to be appreciated as I was for being their own unique selves?

Doesn’t the golden rule really ask us to respect the essence and value of everyone?

And if we did?

Would everyone expect the sun to rise in the morning over a peaceful world like what      they had fallen asleep in the night before?

Would everyone’s bed be free of rats and vermin?

Would everyone expect enough healthy food every day so they could focus on growing their essence and joy?

Could all children count on the constant, loving care of someone who appreciates and encourages their uniqueness?

Could all children go to a school as clean, stable, and fun as the one in the next town over? With teachers who exult in their successes?

Would house sales and mortgages be based on standard financial rules?

Would all gifts grow out of caring knowledge of the receiver, not TV commercials?

Would everyone feel others fear as their own and do something about it?

Would everyone feel others joy as their own and rejoice in it?

Would “African-American” or “Mexican-American” or “Asian-American” or Native-American” be received with as much respect as “Swedish-American” or “Norwegian-American” or ”Irish-American or Italian-American?”

Would I sleep better and live a longer healthier life if everyone followed the golden rule of respect?

Would you?


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