I’ve been at it since well before 2015, with the help of some of you. And now the proof is here. In fact, I just finished reading it one last time (I hope) for corrections to be made before it goes to print. Just for evidence, here are a couple of photos of receiving it during the pandemic, and a quick cheat of a photo. without the mask.

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9 responses to “PROOF COPY OF “MY FATHER’S HOUSE.”

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  1. Oh Mona, I am so proud and happy for you. I know how hard you worked for it and I am very anxious to read it. I can hardly wait until the covid gets done so we can meet again. Congratulations!!!

  2. GRATULERER!!!!!♥♥♥

  3. Mona, so glad my father’s house is being published. So happy for you. Anxious to read it. Hope you are well. Love,Dottie

  4. What wonderful news, Mona! Congratulations!! I remember when you first shared this new project–it’s such a big accomplishment to bring it to fruition! It’s also great to see this picture of you. I miss our visits and being able to see you at church. So glad to know you are doing well. With love, Gaye

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