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FYI. The list price for My Father’s House is $18.99. My royalty after everyone gets their slice is $0.45. (Unless, of course, it’s purchased directly from me.)

My son points out that’s about the percentage the farmer gets who produces the food in the first place. Food for thought — pun recognized.

Still I write — because I want to. And I want people to read what I write. What better reason? (And yes, reviews are worth at least as much as money.)

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4 responses to “WHY BOTHER

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  1. yes, That sucks, Mona. That really sucks.Big hug. At least. And its readers were entertained for sure

  2. Sorry to hear you make so little on the book. It was wonderful though, Mona. Thought I would read it to Harold as his daddy came from Sweden around that time. That didn’t work out so well but I sure enjoyed it. Filled in all those spaces I had heard you talk about all these years. Especially loved how long you and hallie had been friends. Hope you are doing well. Take good care. Love, dottie

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    Dottie Johnson

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