All is going well. The surgery was done on Friday, May 27 with a gas bubble holding my newly acquired cornea in place. For three days (almost) I followed instructions to lie on my back 45 minutes out of every hour to allow gravity to do its job. I’ve already had four post-op exams and it looks like healing is progressing nicely. I think it’s amazing, but the medical folk take it all in stride like there’s nothing noteworthy about receiving a piece of cornea born and used by someone else.

Anyway, I give thanks to the donor’s family, and yes, I’m doing the three drops every four hours. I’m pretty sure I get them in the eye as hoped; I did practice for several weeks with over-the-counter tears. Things are still blurry., though. It’s not like the instant “Aha, there’s a world out there” of Cataract surgery, and they did warn me it would take time. But now that I’m off my back I can catch up on the things I didn’t do in the interim.

By the way, I listened to two audiobooks and slept a lot, so it felt almost like a vacation. (And no, there was no pain worth mentioning.) But now I have to catch up on plans, including two blog articles I have in mind:

  1. “Why I’m not so sure I like the emphasis on mental health,”
  2. “Want to know what red-lining feels like? Monopoly on the shores of Lake Superior.”

18 responses to “MY CORNEAL TRANSPLANT

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  1. Wow, Mona! Congratulations of the new corneas – what an extraordinary interesting life you ar living. I love reading how you take it all in astride ( if that is correct term? may you be well and happy ♥

    • Thanks Leelah. You say such nice things. Makes me feel good. (p.s. It’s just “all in stride.” No “a” on astride.) I’m constantly impressed by your facility with English. I feel shame, or at least regret, that I know only my native language. Love ya’

  2. Mona, I hope your recovery continues and that you can get to the blogs you’ve been wanting to do.



  3. Sooooo glad your recuperation is going smoothly! Given how busy your life continues to be, that lying on your back 45 minutes out of every hour had to tough 🙂 Hope the blurriness clears quickly and your vision is like new!

  4. So glad you are doing so well after your transplant, Mona. You are amazing!! Take good care. Love, dottie

    Dottie Johnson
  5. Thanks for  giving us  this  update.  You have been  on my mind.  Will  call you  soon. Sent from my Verizon, Samsung Galaxy smartphone

  6. Hi Mona, Darlene Chiles here.   If you have my phone number, please give me a call.Thanks Dar

  7. What amazing and marvelous things the medical field can do these days! I went to a link about the human eye to refresh my knowledge on exactly where and what the cornea does. I also learned (probably re-learned from younger days) about the common functions and interesting facts on the human eye. I am glad it is going so well for you.
    Interesting eye fact: “Babies are born with full-size eyes. Human eyes stay about the same size from birth until death.”

  8. Over the three years I’ve come to know you as my dear neighbor, I continue to take note and marvel at your optimism. Am sure it does wonders, even miracles, for your healing process.

  9. Good luck with your healing. Glad it is going well. Just another “ho-hum” experience in your most interesting life. I am sure you and Doug will be on another adventure soon. Take care.

    • Thanks for noticing and responding. Our next cruise will be up the Maine Coast into the Canadian Provinces. We did it once before years ago, but this time I’m excited because we plan to fly to Portland, Maine where we’ll spend an evening with my college roommate and her husband. Except for a friend in Washington, D.C., we are the survivors of our group of close friends. Then we’ll drive on down to Boston to board the ship the next day. I have to admit, though, I’m finding it comfortable just to stay home in my lovely apartment at the
      waters of Excelsior.

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