I’m not mad at Viking Cruise lines any more   10 comments

I just completed a very pleasant conversation with Samantha of Viking Customer Relations and am totally satisfied with the apology and explanation. She does good work.

Posted October 20, 2022 by Mona Gustafson Affinito in Uncategorized

10 responses to “I’m not mad at Viking Cruise lines any more

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  1. Happy for you. Now you will sleep well.
    We must find time for your birthday soon.

  2. Great! Were the reasons all the ones u thought about? How was Bayfield? & the Hopkins?

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    • I’m not sure she even knew the method, but it was a sincere and understanding apology. I’m just satisfied I finally got a reaction, and she was, indeed, pleasant. As for Bayfield, I wish I could stay another week — especially with the fine weather we had today. It has been wide-ranging. Lots of good shopping for the holidays, and my trainer (aka my son) has encouraged me to enjoy some good — but rather strenuous from my point of view — walks. Tomorrow we plan to enjoy the ferry to Madeline Island. It’s our understanding that some things of interest will be open that day even though the season is basically at an end.

  3. Yay!!!!

    • Hi Pam,

      Between us, it really was a pleasant conversation. We did get an understanding apology and a financial gain, but I honestly don’t think she really knew how they chose whom to bump. I didn’t want to say any of that on the blog.


  4. Good. There are capable people everywhere and when one can settle enough to be open to meeting and interacting with them, one’s entire perspective can change. But you didn’t explain the situation to all of us whom you agitated slightly by your initial response.

  5. She did a good job of apologizing to my satisfaction

  6. I’m glad to hear that, Mona.

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