My second wish comes from recognizing the Importance of the birth process itself and the earliest post-partum stages. Assuming that the health of the newly birthed person is part of the loving care so urgently desired by those who would assure their development and birth, it follows that excellent maternal and post-partum care would be provided to both the owner of the womb and, one hopes, the father who will participate in their care. That would, of course, provide for any newborn who might suffer anomalies due to genetics or the long process of making it through the complex stages of zygote to birth development. My second holiday wish of 2022, then, is that the government that chooses to demand the process would accept the responsibility to support the health of the newborn.


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  1. I also love the clear way you express the way you talk. So much wonderful authority in it. You would have been wonderful in politics, Mona.

    • You say the most wonderful things. Thanks! But I’m too cowardly to be a politician.

      • Maybe that is just something you have told yourself until you believe it. I know with all my heart – Which knows you and loves you – that you are among the bright shining and daring souls.You are a trailblazer. Who would have had the guts to leave a husband and make a carrier in a time when most women’s job – and “identity” was to be a home-wife? Don’t make yourself small, Mona. You are my hero – one them ♥

  2. Words well said Mona!
    That would mean that the holier than thou zealots would have to get up off their pompous behinds and actually put their words into actions. They would rather shoot arrows than to really live up to the true “Christian” and everything it stands for.

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