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25 Meters to God by Tad M. Weiss

A truly emotional and inspiring book. It’s rare to find a story being told even as it occurs, but this is what happens here because it includes “Maggie’s Caring Bridge” entries written as the events were unfolding. It is a beautiful, ultimately joyful story as we are carried through the horror of Maggie’s original accident to the amazing victory of her recovery. I was brought to tears by the support of the community of friends and believers who set their alarms for times in the middle of the night to pray so Maggie’s parents could get refreshing sleep. I was impressed by the breadth of that community with their ability and willingness to provide material bounties as well as friendly personal aide and devotion. Besides, as a practicing psychologist I was delighted to see Tad’s own growth progress as the family made their way through the ordeal. The charm is that he was so honest about it. My prayer would be that every wounded child could have the full parental and financial attention and support Wendy and Tad were able to give to Maggie. And I do recommend that you allow yourself the depths to which this book will carry you.

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