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I had many kind, thoughtful, and helpful responses to my question re contractions for Mrs. Job. The funniest, perhaps, was when I walked into a meeting on Tuesday and was greeted with “No contractions.” My response, “Who’s pregnant?” Great example, isn’t it, of the complex meaning and use of words.

The responses were not, of course, 100% supportive of any solution, but altogether they helped me to come up with an idea that the editor likes too, so we’re on the same page. Dara (young Mrs. Job) and her friend Adah will speak to each other in contractions until Dara gets married, at which point they will adopt the more formal/grown up elimination of contractions. It will serve as a subtle way to introduce the change in their relationship as they move on to being married women at a distance geographically and psychologically.

The responses were received not only here but also via some of the writer’s groups I enjoy on the web. Right now I’m feeling very well supported and cared for, and very grateful. Thanks.

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