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When the enemy has created a new and very powerful weapon of mass destruction, a game of whack-a-mole is far from satisfactory in fighting it. How about a concerted effort by the best brains available to prevent its creation in the first place?

The new and powerful weapon of mass destruction? People who are willing to blow themselves up – or otherwise kill themselves – in order to destroy large numbers of others. Yes, literally, they are the weapons.

So far all the best are focused on interrupting those weapons before they are deployed. There is a bit of the neurotic factor in the process. Neurosis? To keep on doing that which doesn’t work in the hope that it will succeed.

So to the Manhattan project. Find the way to prevent the creation of such human weaponry. Who’s needed on the project? Psychologists, psychiatrists, sociologists, economists, theologians, social workers, health care workers, historians, journalists, philosophers, IT experts, marketers – and yes, detectives, experienced military folk, CIA agents, lawyers – even politicians, and … (I know I’ve forgotten some important experts. Please fill in the blanks.)

No, I’m not kidding.





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