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I’M BACK AND SETTLING IN   11 comments

I closed on my town home on August 30th and lived for the month of September with a generous and lovely neighbor across the way. Then I moved two doors down to live with another generous and lovely neighbor for the month of October.

Fortunately, I had thought to remove my passport from my file cabinet before it was stored, because, at my request, my son Doug found a bargain Holland America Line cruise of South America for us to fill up November.

We were home from that for one night at his house — long enough to unpack and pack and head for our Thanksgiving weekend at Cove Point on Lake Superior. Then back to Doug’s to spend several days boxing the stuff I’d stored at his house and the things I’d carried with me through my other two stops.

December 3d finally came. I moved into my apartment at The Waters in Excelsior. What an amazing project with an efficient and caring team of assistants. I love my apartment – Sun all around with lots of windows in a southeast location. I’m still settling in – unpacking, storing, notifying of change of address, searching for things like my lost checks. Three long months of pleasant but tentative living are now behind me. I’m home.

There were, of course, some blips along the way of moving in. My love seat was burned up in a moving van, my weird and therefore favorite lamp was broken, the night table that attaches to the headboard of my bed was damaged. They promise to repair or replace it. (They can’t replace it. It’s a part of the bed.) Oh well.

Now I get to spend a few days here before leaving for Williamsburg, Virginia for the holidays.

Maybe in January I’ll be able to set some of my more serious thoughts down here on my blog, and some reports of the South America trip, which turned out to be much more than a time-killer on the way to my move. Delightful and interesting.

For starters on a travel report, here I am celebrating my birthday (belated by a few days) in Rio De Janeiro.



Yesterday was moving day — again. With the help of Jean and her red wagon, my son Doug, and Dianne, I made the trip two doors down to Dianne who is hosting me for the month of October. Jean had me in September, along with a garage full of things hastily removed from my unit across the way when I was preparing it for sale.

So amazing! Back when I was anticipating life after the sale of my home and before moving to The Waters, I mentioned in conversation that I was looking to find a place to live during the interim. With no hesitation, each of them offered “Come stay with me.”

My first reaction was, in my thoughts, “Thanks, but no thanks.” After all, they couldn’t really mean it. But they did. And you can’t tell me that it’s easy inviting someone to come live with you for a month. They make it look that way, though. What a welcome, and I don’t know what I would have done without them.

So this is my way of letting you know my good fortune in being welcomed by such generous women.


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