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HALONG BAY, VIETNAM   13 comments

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It was a beautiful, peaceful, and interesting day, cruising the lovely Halong Bay in a touring junk.

Another Touring Junk - Version 3

Inside Junk

Lovely scenery

Halong Bay

Area of Thien Cung Cave

Interesting events. Boat family selling fruit pulled right up to the Junk, the mom clinging to the side, while dad steered the boat, and their young one munched on fruit. I didn’t buy fruit, but I did take a photo, so I handed a dollar to the mom (not visible, to the left of the photo) but it was the child who calmly and with great authority took the bill and tucked it way.

Money Collector

They came back later for another try. This time the mom, riding the edge of the boat, inserted her head and her fruit right into the junk.

Please buy my fruit

So did an older child.

Older child

This was a “city” of boat people. See the banner at the top. Even, apparently, they have their own bank.


The most amazing view was of a Unesco World Heritage Site, as marked by this sign.

UNESCO World Heritage Site


Inside there somewhere is the Thien Cung Cave – the word awesome, in its original powerful meaning, applied – I mean, really awesome. But I didn’t take a photo of it. With my acrophobia, I knew I’d be clinging to anything I could find that was cling-able, so I left my camera behind. But I have something even better, thanks to my son the photographer who doesn’t suffer acrophobia, or any of those other inconvenient things.

Thien Cung Cave

Is that amazing, or what? ….

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