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I want you to know I recognize there’s a lot of “I’ll recommend you if you’ll recommend me” going on in the blogosphere and elsewhere. For example, people are endorsing me on Linked In who don’t know my work from Adam. I get it. The deal is to endorse in return (which I do only for people who know me and whose work I know). Therefore, I end up generally ignoring endorsements, though I appreciate when I do receive such kindness from folks who are familiar with my work.

Why am I telling you this? Because I want you to know I’m writing here about Weaver’s UPHILL BOTH WAYS because I really enjoyed it. As did my daughter when I loaned it to her on her Kindle. (Wow! Isn’t that an amazing option?)

Please go take a look at my review at His good work deserves the reward of attention if nothing else.

I should have pointed out that clicking on the title (in blue) will take you to the book’s page on When you get there, click on the stars which indicate reviews. You’ll find my review in there along with others.

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