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This certainly works a lot better than the old blog where I got basically no comments. Now there are 9 registered. They’ve provided me with a few things I’ll try to do something about when I get smarter.

(1) Someone requested that I put my photo on here as it is on my web site,; I’ll do my best to figure out how to accomplish that.

(2) A couple of people had trouble reading the white on blue, while others liked it. I’m going to see if I can enlarge the font which might make it easier to read while still retaining the white on blue.

(3) Someone wanted to know why I had a photo of a Tuscany scene at the top. Truth? It’s one I had taken in Italy a couple of years ago. I loved that area — much more than Rome. It’s attractive, fits in the space, and is light on top so the words show. I hope to modify that often, just to keep life interesting.

As for interrupted sleep. I have regularly complained about the damage Ben Franklin did with his “Early to bed; early to rise” thing. With a biological clock that doesn’t fit that pattern – unless its early to bed in the morning and early to rise at noon, I’ve spent my life fending of those “moral” folk who fit his pattern.

And then there’s the waking in the middle of the night, working through a project in my head, often leaving myself too tired actually to do it in the morning. Last night it was trying to work out a scene in my short story while, at the same time, trying to decide what I want to be when I grow up – several options to consider.

But I am cheered by a couple of links my daughter sent me. It turns out that 8 straight hours of sleep a night may not have always been the norm. That article is followed by one describing how some people spend the in-between time.

I’m including the links here, but I don’t know how to do it so you can just click on them I think it’s going to require copying and pasting on the URL line. But they are worth it if your biological clock, or that of a loved one, wouldn’t suit Ben F.

Myth of 8 hours sleep

Ten strange things people do at night

I hope they work for you

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