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I’m still learning. This was supposed to be the title of the blog I just entered. I got messed up trying to insert a link. I don’t have time to fix it all, but at least I can let you know my intended title. Maybe it will help make sense of things.

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“The Bouquet”   2 comments

“The Bouquet”

Continuing with the concern over language usage, I received permission from Wesley G. Vaughn to copy the following entry from LinkedIn’s  “Definitive Serious Writers Group” on my blog. I thank him for that.

 “’Learn how to use your tools.’ That’s good advice for any field. For writers and editors, the tool is language: vocabulary, grammar and syntax. Spoken language also includes pronunciation and vocal inflection (and facial-body expression when in the view of the listener). Written language adds spelling, punctuation, capitalization and paragraphing.”

Gordon Stewart used the language of Christianity and Hinduism to deliver a powerful message in his blog today-“The Bouquet” You don’t need to be religious to appreciate the message.


My son wondered what is lost in video conferencing. As a psychologist, I’m sure one thing is the possibility of activating those all-important mirror neurons. Take away the visual and one loses more. But then, what is gained as we make better use of the senses that are involved?


Many years ago our department chair at SCSU circulated a memo which I wish I’d kept. The point was to learn the rules well in order to break them. The message was about language, but the application was to psychology. Get the tough-to-learn grounding securely affixed under one’s belt, then one can easily and appropriately introduce modifications that fit the situation. Without the grounding, ease and appropriateness are called into question.


Any thoughts? I’m hoping for comments.



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