IS ANYBODY OUT THERE?   7 comments

I Chose to change to this blogging service because I found it easier to comment on other people’s blogs who were using WordPress, but I’m not hearing from anyone, so I think I’m just blowing into the wind. Am I right? Is there something I can do to rectify it?

What I’m being is vulnerable, I guess. Which brings me to a great presentation of authenticity, shame, and vulnerability. Well, really about lots more. It’s thanks to Pastor Beth Warpmaeker who posted it on Facebook. I know I’m “not normal” as one complimentary friend said, so maybe I’m just weird to think it’s great. To me, though, it taps into so much about forgiveness. When I tried to explain to myself why it seems that folks can forgive terrible crimes, but the little things cause long term resentment, I arrived eventually at shame. That one is called stupid, or has one’s boyfriend stolen, or finds one’s children ignored, for example, suggests a deficit in oneself. Murder, on the other hand, is clearly the fault of the perpetrator. Shame doesn’t get in the way of deciding whether to forgive.

So now, I’ll be vulnerable and try to attach the link here. If you do choose to watch it, be prepared to spend some time. It’s not a quickie.

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7 responses to “IS ANYBODY OUT THERE?

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  1. Present and accounted for, Ma’am. Mary T.

  2. Mary, I love it! Now I feel like a Drill Sargeant

  3. Hi, Mona, I got it, but don’t have the 20 minutes rigtht now to watch the video. Will do later. Are you commenting on other people’s sites the way you are on mine? Finding blogs you like and posting a thoughtful comment there (without pushing you own blog) is one proven method recommended by those who know the blogosphere. It’s all about connecting with other bloggers on their terms, where they live. Just a thought.

  4. Mona, received the blog, will read it later. Thanks alot! Dottie

  5. Hi Mona, just logging in to say i have read your blog. I did not see the video though. There are people out there. perhaps it is just not reaching people. I find that a lot with Bookrix. You resach but a very few as the others are doing stuff elsewhere. Good Luck, Evelyn

  6. I consistently felt that if I started a blog not only would no one read it, but no one would CARE to read it. However, I was finally convinced by my boyfriend to write down my stories. Consistently, I’ve been told I was very sarcastic and a great writer. Finally, after hearing about the importance of social media (especially with my degree) I took the plunge and plenty of nice people have liked and commented on my stories, including yourself! I just wanted to let you know that yes, people are out here and reading!

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