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I’m way off my usual subjects here. I guess it’s a matter of acting before forgiving, but I think it might help someone out there to know my experience with Park West and Norwegian Cruise Lines. The goof for the latter was a little one, but I’d really caution anyone who might deal with Park West. So, here’s the story.

Over Thanksgiving week, 2011, my son and I cruised Hawaii on the Norwegian Cruise Line’s “Pride of America.” It was a lovely cruise, helped by the fact that Hawaii chose to provide us with beautiful weather every day of our trip. An important fact to note is that each of us paid separately on separate American Express cards for everything we did, including on-board expenses.

On a day at sea, I purchased a trilogy of prints for $806. Several weeks after our return, expecting to receive the prints, I received one of them, with a note that the other two were unavailable, offering me the opportunity to choose replacements from several alternatives. None were pleasing to me, so I asked for a refund and returned the one that had been shipped. The news is that I finally had my money back two weeks ago. It turns out that the refund had to come from Norwegian Cruise LInes, but for that to happen Park West had to notify them of the situation. A couple of months into this mess, I called NCL directly. They had received no instructions from Park West so then and there they called Park West who said they would forward the information. It took another phone call for NCL to be notified. Then, here’s the rub, NCL credited my son’s account — not mine, to which it had been charged — with partial payment. To make this long story short, the second payment finally was deposited to my son’s account. He was finally in a position to write me a check, and I finally have my money back. Let’s see, that’s from November to April. Five months?

Who knows? Maybe there’s one person out there who can benefit from my experience. If not, at least I feel like I’ve fulfilled an obligation to inform.

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