I did it! Yesterday I ignored my e-mail and web site contacts and wrote – two things, actually. I finished a short essay I plan to offer to the local women’s magazine, and a longer travel essay to enter in the Writer’s Magazine contest. It would not have happened that way if there had not been dire weather predictions for the evening. Wanting to avoid driving in potential hail and straight winds, I offered my concert ticket to someone with more courage than I. She was happy, and so was I with a whole unplanned day.

Yesterday I had received e-mail notice that June 15 (today) is the deadline for the travel article. Having been writing it in my head for weeks, I realized I had to get on the stick, and so I did, and so it is done. All that remains is to enter it, if only the prevailing web problem will solve itself in time.

Just this morning I realized that I had re-learned an old lesson from way back when I was writing my doctoral dissertation. All my course work was done. Newly married, I wanted to please my husband with a tidy house (up to my mother-in-law’s standards) and meals on the table. Later, pregnancy and a new baby created a scenario of “get all the important stuff done first before working on the dissertation.” The professors back at Boston University had, as they reported later, given up on me when I married, assuming that my dedication to the degree no longer applied.

Then came the day when the light shone and I redefined “important stuff.” By that time there were two children, the only ones in the neighborhood who “played thesis” while their mom punched a calculator. Finally, I was done, degree in hand, house still tidy, and headed for a very happy career both inside and outside the home.

And so today I’m redefining my priorities.

By the way, with today’s computer options, I could have run my experiment and found the results in a couple of weeks.

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7 responses to “LESSONS RELEARNED

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  1. i love the way you live life, to the fullest, you have goals and dreams. you are a wonderful woman in my eyes…….good luck on your article. writing for magazines, short stories, is the way i would love to go. i have looked at magazines and have been trying to figure out exactly where i may fit in. i will do something to leave behind before i leave this world………

  2. Mona, you are an inspiration! Love, Dottie

  3. Dottie, it takes an inspiring person to imagine inspiration in others. Thanks.

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