Today is the day to start my disciplined control of my time. Already I know I need to make revisions. After a visit to Curves, and breakfast, I set my timer for two hours to devote to reading. Now I know I’ll have to schedule the reading for another time when I’m not so likely to want to doze. I know. I’m surprised too, but apparently working at the computer is more efficient at that time. No surprise, it does a better job of demanding my attention.

At the computer, I’ve had to be severe in not responding to blogs. I do appreciate the kindness of people who have recommended me for awards, but at this point I’m not even sure it’s appropriate to accept and process them, since I seem to be working at retirement from the web. Yes, it was fun, but I’ve got to recognize the importance of the first word in the title of this blog: “discipline.”

So, I’ll keep at it, looking for the best way to balance my time.

In the meantime, I’m sad to say that I’ve figured out why all my “before” photos of the Garage sale were lost. I discovered last night that the data card from my camera was gone. The “after’ photos apparently utilized the built-in data card. It’s not something that would come out of my camera without effort, so all the evidence points to someone’s having taken it when it was lying out on the table. I’m not sure why the whole camera wasn’t taken. Maybe it would have been too obvious. And maybe I’ll discover another answer. In the meantime, I’ve learned another lesson about being careful with my possessions. It’s a good thing making money wasn’t my primary motive in doing the sale.

And I still haven’t cleared everything out after it – a little bit at a time.

I noticed that another blogger who’d also vowed to reduce the blogging connection has apparently been successful in following through. Is this a trend?

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  1. when i am on the computer i can read for hours, but when i settle in with a good book…………….i am fast asleep in no time. i don’t know why this is. maybe i am in a too relaxed position or maybe i am just exhausted and sleep takes over…i hope your garage sale brought you some success

  2. Oh my, Terry, that’s a perfect description. As for the garage sale, financially it ended up a net loss, what with someone apparently taking the data disc from my camera. I’m happy, though, that a good portion of what I took in was for my granddaughter’s stuff, so she got her share, and she needs it, just starting out … Thanks for commenting, and sharing my reaction to reading vs computer.

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